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Has your doctor recommended an outpatient knee surgery? Contact us to initially see if it’s an appropriate procedure for First SurgiCenter. You can then talk to our team about scheduling your surgery. Call us at 308-865-1419.

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If you are scheduled for a colonoscopy with Dr. Hilliard or Dr. Miller, please follow the instructions below to ensure that your body is fully prepared for your test before your scheduled appointment.

First SurgiCenter receives National Recognition for Its Support of Perioperative Nursing Certification

First SurgiCenter is pleased to announce it has again earned the CNOR® Strong designation from the Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI). The CNOR Strong designation is given to facilities having at least 50% of its OR nursing staff CNOR certified, and provides programs that reward and recognize its certified nurses. 

The CNOR® certification program is for perioperative nurses interested in improving and validating their knowledge and skills, and providing the highest quality care to their patients. Certification also recognizes a nurse’s commitment to professional development. It is an objective, measurable way of acknowledging the achievement of specialty knowledge beyond basic nursing preparation and RN licensure. 

Research shows that nurses who earn the CNOR credential have greater confidence in their clinical practice. Thus, a team of certified nurses who have mastered the standards of perioperative practice provides even more empowerment, further advancing a culture of professionalism and promoting improved patient outcomes. This strength in numbers is why CCI launched the CNOR Strong program; to recognize those facilities committed to making a difference for its patients both inside and outside of the OR.
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